The Candle Library

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The Candle Library brings a highly considered global selection of scented candles together in one place. Putting an appreciation of artisan ­produced, premium quality candles in the foreground, The Candle Library brings a carefully curated selection to true lovers of candles.

We were delighted that The Candle Library came to Dimes for a complete brand identity and visual language to prepare them for their first retail store. Their goal was to keep attention on their products with a subtle aesthetic complement. They needed a design that appealed by accentuating the values light, clarity and space.

We were so impressed by The Candle Library’s dedication to their niche that we knew the best way to communicate their essence was to let the content speak for itself. The light, bright and fresh design uses a minimal palette of sky blue, black, grey and white to keep the candles front and centre.

Across brand identity, web design, and printed materials we use elements from tactile library culture, like stamps individually signed cards and a monospace font called Pitch created by Klim Type Foundry (which is consistent throughout the entire brand).

The simple, clear logo we designed for The Candle Library unifies and represents the brand, evoking nostalgia and positive feelings. The gently animated candle flame in the letter “i” of Library is a soft reminder of The Candle Library’s dedication to world class scented candles.

The Candle Library is now emerging as a beautiful cohesive brand – fresh, light and engaging across all touchpoints. You can see the brand come to life at their Byron Bay store – from their logo through to products, printed material and environmental graphics.

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Web: 30 Acres
Printing: Morgan Printing
Photography: Jessie & Jones
Deliverables: Creative Direction, Concept Development, Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print