St. Elmo

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St. Elmo is a modern Spanish tapas bar and restaurant in Byron Bay (Northern NSW, Australia). They serve beautiful food with an emphasis on fresh ingredients in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere. Their extensive bar and wine list makes St. Elmo one of the most exciting spots in Byron Bay.

To mark the launch of a new summer menu, they needed a redesign of their visual identity, including all in ­restaurant printed material. St. Elmo approached Dimes with the challenge of capturing and communicating the tapas bar’s look and feel: sophistication with an edge of eccentricity.

St. Elmo management and staff were delighted with the comprehensive set of visual assets we created for them. We balanced references to St. Elmo’s Spanish heritage with their status as an offbeat but cultivated bar and restaurant. The choice of terra cotta red in the colour palette, along with off­ white and black, underscores the venue’s hispanic sophistication.

The cultured, Spanish feel is maintained throughout St. Elmo’s menus and printed materials with engaging and coherent fonts. The new menu is a single A4 sheet that decorates tables and allows guests to order continuously throughout their stay. Illustrations sourced from antique cookbooks and newspapers have made the redesigned coasters and matchboxes a favourite souvenir for customers.

Featured on: Art of the Menu
Printing: Morgan Printing
Photography: Alicia Taylor
Deliverables: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print