Snack Monsters

Open Project Info

Dimes created Snack Monsters as a sub­brand of The Natural Confectionary Company in response to a hypothetical brief asking for a packaging design for whole fruits.

The design built on the popularity of the existing brand and character set of the Natural Confectionary Company. The Snack Monsters sub­brand concentrated on children. The characters were developed to differentiate the three real fruit; each character bringing a distinctive look and imaginative appeal. The monsters’ bold designs make the product jump off the shelf, bringing the packaging to life. The resulting “world” of the Snack Monsters adds an additional layer of richness from the perspective of a child, increasing the appeal of whole fruit.

The offset text of the Snack Monsters logo contributes to the brand’s overall sense of playfulness, combining with dynamic colours to upgrade whole fruit into a more sophisticated and attractive brand.

Featured on: The Dieline
Deliverables: Naming, Identity, Concept Design, Graphic Design, Packaging