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Since its establishment in 1967, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service has worked to preserve and promote the state’s ecological and cultural heritage. Presiding over 850 national parks, which cover a staggering 7 million hectares, their scope covers the full extent of biodiversity present in New South Wales.

As part of the National Parks and Wildlife Service’s digital engagement strategy, Dimes was brought onboard to collaborate and curate the delivery of a next generation websites image and video content. With such a rich endowment of natural beauty, curating its visual content for the website was challenging.

The website Dimes delivered is dominated by a ‘big visual’ tone. This required high quality imagery to keep users engaged and inspired, without becoming overwhelmed. Over 3,000 images were carefully selected, edited, positioned and published in order to create a visually sumptuous user experience. Dimes also developed new imagery with NPWS photographers to reflect the scope of work in the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Dimes ensured that this abundance of content never sacrificed clarity. Navigation is direct and convenient allowing the user to find the information they want while absorbing the lush imagery. Using a natural colour palette for buttons and features on the site compliments the photography, lending the entire website a coherent aesthetic.

In its first six months, the new website experienced a 100% growth in traffic.

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Deliverables: Art Direction, Digital Photography, Web Design.