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Green Gurus was launched in March 2016 as the leading ultra-fresh fast food delivery in Germany. Green Gurus is already changing the way people eat, delivering fresh made salads, wraps, snacks and smoothies in less than 30 minutes. Sustainability is at the heart of Green Gurus business: they minimize food miles in sourcing products, use 100% compostable packaging and provide carbon neutral delivery with electric vehicles.

Whilst employed by minigram Dimes helped to create a cohesive brand identity for Green Gurus and an integrated design for web and mobile interface, advertising, packaging and vehicles that supported the company’s successful launch.

We merged Green Gurus’ emphasis on quality with their tongue in cheek humour through the use of a warm, curvaceous Feijoa display font. The letterforms project a trustworthy, high-quality aesthetic while mirroring a twist of the organic quirkiness embodied by Green Gurus’ naturally grown greens.

Green Gurus’ products continued to provide inspiration for the colour palette and photography style. The predominant Guru Green and Lime Green have an intuitive organic implication and communicate a sense of freshness and vitality. The high speed photography captures ingredients at the apex of freshness. The chopped veggies and fruits soar through the liquid drops of the dressing, creating a dynamic, intriguing and mouth-watering composition.

Green Gurus’ vehicles and delivery drivers are a major touch point for the brand. With the silent, agile and eco-friendly e-scooters branded in Green Gurus’ primary colours, the company has gained positive recognition and highly mobile ad space in key areas. The delivery riders are the direct extension of the brand persona, donning their denim rider vests, blazoned in motorcycle club inspired patches and Guru Green winter jacket.

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Agency: minigram
Deliverables: Branding, Concept Development, Graphic Design, Packaging, Print, Web Design