Dark Horse

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A dark horse describes a figure that emerges from obscurity to achieve unanticipated success. Dark horses evoke edgy, strong and triumphant images. Dark Horse was a New York based music booking agency searching for a visual identity worthy of their name.

We took inspiration from the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll to create a brand identity with a modern and minimalist take on the Rockabilly theme. The black and white colour palette runs throughout the design and extends to Dark Horse’s photography. The playing card suits provide sophistication while the bold, modern typeface completes the visual identity.

Dimes applied this visual identity to Dark Horse’s promotional material; creating business cards and backstage passes that anchor the aesthetic to the brand. Dimes satisfied Dark Horse’s need to project style and competence while paying homage to musical heritage.

Photography: The James Adams
Deliverables: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Print