Open Project Info

The concept behind BAG2U is a response to the massive problem of lost airline luggage. The BAG2U app was developed as a potential solution to this problem. By providing a user­ friendly and streamlined app that empowers customers to monitor their baggage in transit, BAG2U would help airlines reduce their global hourly loss of 3000+ bags, as well as providing travellers with peace of mind.

Integrating seamlessly with the current system of baggage tracking, BAG2U functions by adding a unique identifier to each item of luggage and a corresponding code on the user’s boarding pass. Using the app on their smartphone, the user can then observe their bag’s status and location throughout their journey, alerting the airline at the first sign of luggage going astray. BAG2U reduces airline costs by crowdsourcing baggage supervision and reassures passengers their bags will arrive as expected.

Dimes designed the BAG2U app to ease the stress of travel. The colour palette’s inclusion of a calming sky blue and the decisive typeface together project a sense of organisation, inspiring peace of mind in the user. The established visual language of airports and transport was leveraged into a clear and intuitive user interface.

Deliverables: Naming, Identity, Concept Development, Graphic Design, UI/UX